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Upcoming Meetups

Matt Hellmann presents Geospatial Data in R: A 10,000ft View!

Tuesday, Aug 27, 2019 at 07:00pm

Southern Brewing & Winemaking
4500 North Nebraska Avenue, Tampa

• What we'll do
Matt will be talking about working with geospatial data in R!

• What to bring
If you wish to bring a laptop to follow along, code and slides will be posted ~24 hours in advance at https://github.com/TampaUseRs/TampaUseRs/tree/master/meetups

Past Meetups

Speaker Resources

Are you interested in speaking at an upcoming Tampa R Users Group Meetup? If so, please drop a line to us at UseRTampa at gmail dot com or via our Meetup page.

For upcoming speakers, we’ve compiled a list of resources and materials to help you plan, design, and promote your talk. Visit the TampaUseRs/speaker-starter-kit repository on GitHub for more information. We can’t wait to learn from you!